Hammam Ritual


The Hammam Ritual begins with a black soap cleanse which is 100% natural consisting of crushed Moroccan olives and eucalyptus oil packed full of vitamins. Using the kessa mits the body is exfoliated with natural sea salt in fragrant oils to remove dead skin, activate microcirculation and encourage skin renewal leaving your body smooth and clean.

This is followed by being cocooned in a luscious pure rassoul lava clay, honey rose and ginger mask melted in shea butter. The highly effective warm wrap leaves your body noticeably radiant and beautifully soft.

Whilst wrapped you receive a ‘liquid gold’ facial and deeply relaxing scalp massage. Finally, melted shea butter and fragrance body oil is warmed for a full body relaxation massage.

The Hammam Ritual is a deeply nourishing and intensely cleansing ritual which rejuvenates, eliminates toxins and stimulates circulation

The Hammam Ritual is available in a detox package £175 or as an individual treatment £125 (90 minutes)