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Cleopatra Gold & Caviar Facial

Since the time of Cleaopatra and the Queen of Sheba, North African women were famed for their beauty, using beauty secrets and rituals which carried a sence of mystique and seduction.
From ancient times up to the present day, women have adorned themselves with gold, knowing it to be a true beauty secret for a radiant complexion.
According to legend, Cleopatra applied a mask with gold before sleeping to fully benefit from its virtues for the skin, and even used gold in certain special healing ointments. These beauty secrets have led to our cedarwood and patchouli scented anti-ageing beauty treatment. The generous combination of 23 carat gold and the virtues of caviar extract makes it an ideal anti wrinkle treatment for skin which lacks tone.

Cleopatra Gold & Caviar Facial

Common Questions

What does the facial include?

This luxurious facial is very relaxing and pampering, also very aromatic. It includes cleansing mask , massage and moisturization. It also includes decolletage and scalp massage.

What products are you using for the facial?

Luxury artisan skincare - La Sultane de Saba.

Benefits of the facial?

Anti - aging, promotes radiant and youthful looking skin.

Can I go to the sun and sauna after facial?

Ye, you can.

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